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com_waiting_room_36UKCS is a nationwide psychotherapy and counselling service established in 2008 after our therapist developed 25 years of experience in serving and successfully promoting the health, well-being and happiness of hundreds of individuals, couples and employees in the Leicestershire and surrounding areas.

We specialise in providing short or long term private and group confidential psychotherapy and counselling services to individuals, couples, adolescents, corporate & business clients.

At UKCS, we believe that psychotherapy and counselling begins a natural healing process that can be an intensely personal and private affair. We aim to provide a safe, supportive, comfortable and non-judgemental place for our clients to feel free in sharing themselves whatever emotional, behavioural or personal difficulties they may be facing.

Our clients can expect to receive the highest standards of professionalism in accordance with the BACP’s Ethical Framework and Guidelines in a respectful, interactive and dynamic environment. Our approach to our client’s counselling or therapy is tailored to their needs and is as individual as they are.

Our client’s can be confident that with UKCS they can begin the healing process and experience the benefits of professional and trustworthy counselling and psychotherapy.


All of us at some time in our lives may be faced with one or several problems or issues that we can find difficult to

manage or overcome. These problems can arise from pressures at home or at work, with our relationships or friends,

the experience of a traumatic event, bereavement or loss or even stem from early childhood experiences. Some common problems that people encounter that may affect their psychological well-being may include:

Loneliness Fear and Phobia Diet, Health and Fitness
Existential Issues Depression Bereavement and Loss
Marriage Confidence and Self Esteem ATHD
Eating disorders Identity and belief Anxiety
Relationships Disappointment Anger
Psychosis & Addiction Hyperactivity Breakdowns
Personality Disorders Paranoia Change and Transition
Responsibility Perfectionism Panic Attacks
Self-Management Self Harm PTSD
Sexuality Religion and Belief Suicide
Sleep Disorders Stress Work Life Balance


At the heart of counselling and therapy at UKCS is the relationship between client and therapist. We offer a range of individually tailored counselling and therapy sessions to suit the needs of our clients. We base our approach on Integrative Psychotherapy which draws on a number of different perspectives on human psychology in combination with employing a number of techniques and disciplines that encourage our clients to begin the healing process.

Upon an initial clinical assessment by our therapist and the resulting pathology our therapist may offer one or a combination of the following types of sessions:

Person-centred counselling: This is a highly effective form of counselling and therapy that that involves our clients opening up and confronting their problems in a comfortable and non-judgmental environment where our therapist will facilitate recovery and healing by way of empathy and understanding. The aim of this therapy is to give the client the tools and the opportunity to understand their own development and embrace their power for self-direction.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy: This form of therapy attempts to resolve problems a client may currently be encountering by exposing deep rooted or unconscious inner conflicts and other insights of the client’s mind that may emanate from past or childhood experiences.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):
CBT emphasises on the therapist and client reaching goals to resolve and systematically overcome behavioural problems and difficulties. This form of therapy is practical, targeted and direct. Therapy can sometimes focus on restructuring how a client thinks about a certain issue (cognitive restructuring) or gradually exposing and thereby habituating or introducing a client to a particular topic or subject matter (exposure therapy) until the client is successful in reaching their goal.

UKCS is dedicated to providing a service in which our clients will receive the full benefit of counselling and psychotherapy. We therefore offer an Initial Assessment with our therapist at a reduced fee.